About Healdsburg

Healdsburg is located in Sonoma County in the state of California, and is a commercial center for the northern part of the county. The city is best known for being one of Northern California’s wine capitals, largely because three of the largest regions for wine production all meet in Healdsburg. Russian River, Dry Creek, and Alexander Valley all convene in the city of Healdsburg to discuss wine productivity matters. Healdsburg also has a large tourist population because it is centered on a 19th century plaza, which attracts people interested in California history.

Healdsburg is a peaceful and clean city. The residents of Healdsburg are focused on recycling, particularly due to their use of the Healdsburg Transfer Station. The station is a solid waste recycling and reuse facility that serves Sonoma County. Sonoma County and all of its cities is known as a leader in recycling throughout the nation. The Healdsburg Transfer Station has adopted a plan to promote waste stream recycling and reuse in order to reduce the volume of waste stream typically disposed of in landfills. Besides their specific focus on recycling and waste water, Healdsburg has also created what the city calls a Noise Element of the General Plan, which sets the standards of quiet for each land use category by defining baseline sound level contours.

Healdsburg is in the second State Senate district, and is currently represented by Noreen Evans (D). The city is also a part of the first State Assembly district and is represented by Wesley Chesbro (D). On a federal level, Healdsburg is a part of California’s second congressional district and is currently represented by Jared Huffman (D).