Healdsburg Neighborhoods

Healdsburg is considered a smaller town than some of its neighboring areas. With a population of around 11,458, Healdsburg has four distinct neighborhoods.

City Center
A suburban neighborhood, the City Center neighborhood is comprised mainly of small to medium sized single family homes and apartment complexes. The homes in City Center were mainly built beginning in the 1970s, which means there is not a largely historical feel to the architecture in the area. City Center has a large population of bike riders, in fact, the percentage of people living in City Center that commute to work by bicycle is higher than 96.7% of the nation. By percentage, City Center has also held the record in the United States for the highest percentage of Portugese residents in a single neighborhood.

Lytton / Simi
The Lytton / Simi area is also considered a suburban neighborhood of Healdsburg. The neighborhood is comprised of small to medium sized houses and apartment buildings. The architecture in the area is similar of that to City Center with most houses being built in the year 1970 or after. The Lytton / Simi area is known for their high proportion of farmers, foresters, and fishers.

Powell Avenue / University Street
Though the Powell and University neighborhood is considered suburban like its bordering neighborhoods, the architecture slightly differs from the others. Most of the houses and apartment buildings are small to medium sized, the houses were mostly built between 1940 and 1969, with fewer houses being built in 1970 or afterward. This neighborhood is extremely bike friendly with 32.2% of its commuters opting to bike to work rather than drive.

Skaggs Springs Road / Dry Creek Road
This neighborhood is considered a rural neighborhood, with small to medium sized houses and apartment buildings, and a higher population than the other neighborhoods. The neighborhood is known for being quiet, peaceful, and low in crime. The neighborhood is desirable for the retirement community because of these factors. The Skaggs / Dry Creek neighborhood is also known for its ease of life due to the high percentage of people who choose to walk rather than drive.