Healdsburg Late Night Bites

Though not many restaurants are open past 10:00 PM in Healdsburg, those that are are well worth your time. For the late-night worker, the party animal, or the person who is just craving some dinner after dinner-hours, check out these delicious spots in town.

Go to Adel’s if you are looking for a fun environment, great food, and friendly service. Adel’s offers a comfortable restaurant for families, friends, or individuals out eating alone. The restaurant offers banquet facilities, as well, so plan your next company event or birthday party here. Adel’s is open every day of the week, and serves breakfast from 6:00 AM all the way until midnight. The menu offers breakfast favorites like chicken fried steak, various skillets, delectable pancakes and waffles, and three egg omelettes. If you are not a fan of breakfast at all hours of the day, there is also an extensive menu of burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads, pasta, and seafood. Adel’s has almost everything you could want in a late night meal. Open until 10:00 PM on weekdays, and midnight on Friday and Saturday nights.

Bergamot Alley is one of the most personable and unique restaurants in Healdsburg. They have a lot of passion for their community and their product. Bergamot Alley has a specific focus on providing delicious juices, wine, beer, and gourmet (or gourmet-ish, as their website claims) grilled cheese sandwiches. The unique spin on the grilled cheese also comes from the fact that it is served out of a food truck within the bar. It is too cute to pass up. The owners and staff are well-loved by the community, and they are open very late each night. Sunday and Mondays, Bergamot closes at 11:00 PM, every other night they are open until 1:00 AM.

There are plenty of other dining establishments in the city that are open until 10:00 PM or a bit later, so if you are hungry late at night, do some exploring!