Healdsburg Adult Sports

There are a lot of sporting options for adults in Healdsburg. The Parks and Recreation Department offers a great guide to some of the best parks in the city. Whether you are a biker, a jogger, a hiker, a speed-walker, or all of the above, the parks in the town are perfect for gorgeous scenery doubled up with a great workout. The Healdsburg Swim Center has a great swimming pool with eight lanes for competitive swimmers, a dive board for competitive divers, and a tot pool to let your kids play while you work out. And don’t miss out on the beautiful Healdsburg Golf Club, where there is both a Men’s Club and a Women’s Club for the most competitive golfers to join. There are several memberships to choose from if you would like to join the club. Rates are reasonable, especially considering the club is open every single day of the year. Healdsburg also offers a few adult sports leagues, so if baseball or soccer is your game of choice, considering grabbing other members of your community to form a league next season!