Healdsburg Baseball

Healdsburg certainly upholds the American tradition of loving baseball. From cheering on the professionals, to supporting their local amateur teams, there is a lot of baseball loving loyalty in the town.

The Healdsburg Prune Packers are an NCAA Summer Collegiate Baseball team that plays out of Healdsburg each summer season. The student-athletes show off their talent in a minor-league baseball setting, bringing pride to the whole town. The Packers play out of Rec Park and are largely supported by community donations, and are also a huge part of the town’s history. They have been playing ball in town for over 50 years!

There are various other adult baseball leagues in town, as well as the high school baseball teams that have a loyal following, as well. Professionally speaking, most residents of Healdsburg root for either the San Francisco Giants or the Oakland Athletics. Both teams play about two hours outside of town, so for a true Major League Baseball experience, take a road trip out of town and cheer on the neighboring team!